[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Did You Know That Best Things Come In Small Packages?

Well, this is exactly the case with these crayon sticks set. In fact, when you get them you’ll agree with us that they are surprisingly small size, but they go a long way!

Easier to use than face paint (but not as vibrant), these crayons will give you better control, and your hands will stay clean. They’re perfect for painting fine details or finishing up face paint art.

It makes face painting for even the most amateur painter look so simple. They are easy to use, especially if you are not the “artistic type” to deal with brushes.

They also don’t smear as easily as other face paint. They stay on long, and they’re easy to take off.

You can give them to your kids with the peace of mind it won’t end up like a total mess, and they’ll love them.

These crayon sticks set comes in 12 vibrant colors with a pointed tip for easy drawing: Black, Yellow, Red, Rose, Teal, White, Pearly Light Green, Pearly Black, Pearly Blue, Aqua Blue, Pearly Purple, Pearly Rose.

Don’t delay your decision; we’ve got you covered.[/text_block]

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  • Pointed Tip For Easy Drawing: Create any shapes or finish up any details of your face paint art with these pointed-tip crayons. And if your tip wears out simply use a crayon sharpener to bring it back to life whenever you need to.
  • High Pigment Quality: Unlike other low-quality crayon sticks, our colors show up decently well on the skin. We’ve tested them to make sure you can actually draw something. Nevertheless crayon’s paint won’t look the same as face paint, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for truly vibrant colors.
  • No Need to Add Water: Our special formulation makes our crayons’ paint very visible on the skin immediately upon contact with a gentle press down.
  • Easy to Remove And Non-Toxic: You just need water and soap, or a damp cloth, or a baby wipe to remove most of the colors. In extreme cases you’d need to use make up remover.