Professional Knee Pads with Layered Gel and Neoprene Fabric Liner - Heavy Duty Foam Padding Kneepads - Cozy Gel Cushion - Strong Straps & Adjustable Clips - Gardening, Construction & Flooring

  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR KNEES: Unlike other brands our breathable soft gel core, EVA foam padding cushion and nylon thread provides maximum comfort with minimal perspiration (You may even forget you're using them). Use them for any DIY project, airsoft, tactical, paintball, roofing, construction work, flooring and carpet installations, welders, gardeners, painters, carpenters, and more.
  • ADVANCED ERGONOMIC DESIGN: We've included flexible neoprene straps, adjustable clips and strong velcro for AMAZING knee support. Best Part? Our kneepads will stay in place while walking and kneeling no matter how hard you work
  • NON-SKID, PROTECTIVE CAPS: Comes with heavy duty caps designed for stability and wear, plus its unique flat designed grooves prevent from rolling, sliding or scratching on any surface and it protects against cuts or scrapes on any terrain.
  • HAVE FUN WORKING ON ANY SURFACE: Designed for Cement, Brick, Flooring Surfaces, Garden, Roof or Construction Zones (It even works wonders for Paintball or Tactical if you feel a little adventurous). Engineered to keep your knees and your floors safe.
  • ALWAYS THINKING ON SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE: Our mission is to make your life easier, that's why these should be the most comfortable knee pads you’ll ever own, or your money back (Message us directly to Minor Miracle Home Solutions to claim this guarantee)

You can get it for only $23.99